Building a School in Rural Zambia

ZCEI is a student organization that is working in partnership with the Temba and Julia Ndulo Foundation to construct a secondary school in Chisekesi, Zambia. Chisekesi is a small rural town found between Monze and Pemba, in the Southern Province of Zambia. The inhabitants of Choompa and Hanamaila in rural Chisekesi have no secondary school in the community.

Once completed, the project will be of immense benefit to the community. Benefits to include knowledge acquisition and improved standard of education in the area. Priority in terms of admission shall be given to children from the community. Furthermore, the presence of a secondary school will make it easy for the community to initiate income generating activities that can develop the community.


Project Objectives 

  • To build classroom blocks with a total of ten classrooms that will cater for grades ten to twelve.

  • To build an administration block that will comprise the Headmasters’ office, teachers’ offices/resource room.

  • To build a school library.

  • To build a school laboratory.

  • To build accommodation for the teachers starting with one house which will also be used as a store room for building materials and later on build four more, thus bringing the total number of houses to five.

  • To provide clean water, electricity, telephone and other accessories for communication, information, entertainment and education.

  • To install solar panels as one of the sources of electricity

  • To build a computer room as well as buy computers for the school.

  • To build sporting facilities for the pupils

  • To build hostels for pupils.

  • To drill a borehole as a source of water for building as well as a source of drinking water.

  • To build ablution blocks with flushing toilets for members of staff, male and female pupils.