Chisekesi is a small rural village in the Southern Province of Zambia and the site of our first school construction project. Through partnership with local villagers, we hope to
empower students and influence change in the region.

Our work at Cornell University, partnered with the work of the Temba and Julia Ndulo Foundation, has allowed for this work to continue. Please join us in our effort to develop sustainable secondary education in Zambia by working with local communities to make education accessible to all.

Our visits occur yearly and are a great way for our Cornell team to see first-hand the impact our project has on the community. It is also an incredible and fun opportunity for our in-country and out-of-country team members to come together.

Our progress from conception in 2011 to now has been immense. Since the project was approved by the Zambian government, a road has been built to the school site, a well has been drilled, bricks have been made, and the teachers' quarters have begun construction.